Saltwater Pier and Surf Fishing

Saltwater Pier

Saltwater pier and surf fishing is a terrific way to start saltwater fishing in a journey with your friends and family. Get specialist advice about fishing from surf, piers, jetties, points and more.

There are hundreds of public parks and fishing piers located near beaches, boardwalks and ocean shorelines that offer anglers like you the chance to cast a line. To obtain begun:

  1. Make certain you have the right saltwater fishing deal with and gear for the conditions and types.
  2. Identify what fishing strategies you will wish to use when you get to your best fishing spot.
  3. For both saltwater pier and surf fishing, examine your regional tide charts to see if the tide is coming in or out, this will impact the fishes’ feeding patterns.
  4. Ensure you have your fishing license and understand your state fishing policies.


If you are aiming to choose between saltwater pier and surf fishing as a starting angler, try pier fishing first. Fishing from a pier is an excellent method to get started, as a minimal amount of saltwater fishing deal with is required. It is also interesting and diverse due to the fact that of the variation in water depth covered by a lot of these structures and the variety in types you might capture.

Among the most crucial pier fishing tips to keep in mind is security first considering that there are generally a number of anglers casting and reeling in fish within close quarters to each other. Ensure you are not casting overhead near another angler to ensure nobody gets hurt.


  • 6 to 9-foot medium heavy action rod with corrosion resistant spinning reel
  • 10 to 15-pound test braid or monofilament fishing line with 20 to 30-pound fluorocarbon leader line
  • 2/0 to 4/0 size circle hooks (if you choose bigger baits, the larger hook size will work better).
  • Various pack of sinkers. You might want to purchase split-shot and egg sinkers of varying weights, use the heavier sinkers for areas with more powerful existing.
  • Lures such as jigs, soft plastic shrimp, spoons and topwater plugs or live bait such as shrimp.
  • A popping cork or float to keep live baits off of the bottom.


When searching for the best fishing spots along a pier, consider attempting the areas below. You might need to try a little bit of trial and error if you can not see listed below the water if its high tide, or ask another angler who may be fishing there too.


Oysters, barnacles and small marine plants reside on the pilings and rocks that can be discovered near fishing piers. All of these organisms supply food for bigger game fish. Pilings and rocks likewise provide fish cover from the sun or defense from larger, predatory fish. Attempt live lining a live shrimp rigged on a 2/0 circle hook with a popping cork when fishing from a pier near pilings.


The majority of piers are located near seawalls or bulkheads to help keep the ocean from eroding the coastlines, and for anglers these kinds of structures frequently indicate great pier fishing due to the fact that there are plenty of hiding places for bait and fish. When fishing seawalls or bulkheads, drop any of the above baits or lures straight down and jig them or bounce them near the base of the structure.

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