Boat Power Pole Reviews


They could charge twice as much and I would still have two on my boat. Everywhere I go I get asked “what are those things holding up on the back of your boat?” Well they are Power Poles, the next thing you are going to want to add to your rig.

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How To Catch Muskie


It holds true – you can catch big muskies at any time of year – nevertheless, autumn is a good time for the majority of anglers and is the duration where the most severe trophy hunters endeavor out looking for old esox. Continue reading “How To Catch Muskie”

Best Big Bass Lures


If you are going to catch really big bass you will need really good lures. We placed reviews of the best lures on a market. With the wide array of lures readily available, it seems like there are an almost boundless number of ways to capture bass. Continue reading “Best Big Bass Lures”