Best Big Bass Lures


If you are going to catch really big bass you will need really good lures. We placed reviews of the best lures on a market. With the wide array of lures readily available, it seems like there are an almost boundless number of ways to capture bass. Continue reading “Best Big Bass Lures”

Spook Fishing Baits


The cooling afternoon breeze had actually failed to emerge, making it hot, clammy and buggy. The water was equally still, and flat enough to spot a single finning bunker at 100 yards — yet there was no life in sight. Despite what seemed like a not likely situation to experience a big striper, I had the best weapon for contacting a large fish in these specific conditions. Stickbaits, puppies, walkers– this family of topwater lures goes by several names, however the most common is adapted from the most well-known of these baits, the Zara Spook.

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