How To Catch Muskie


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Bigeye Tuna Fishing

Bigeye tuna are one of the most desired gamefish in the Northeast Canyons. Unusual and explosively powerful, anybody who has been fortunate enough to fight among these splendid beasts knows they can put a major hurt on the angler. They often show up in “wolf packs,” wreaking havoc in the spread. When the “eyeballs” come calling, the bite is unmistakable and extraordinary. The water appears with bomb-like surges. Typically these 300-pound monsters take a bait and go totally airborne. Simply the idea of it occurring gets the heart beating a little faster, as does the call over the radio from a captain getting wolf-packed: “EYEBALL! EYEBALL! EYEBALL!”

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Bass Fishing at Night


The largemouth bass fishing that afternoon had actually been excellent. Equipped with hollow plastic Residue Frogs, we had actually worked our method into the heavy cover of lily pads and stumps at the lake’s outflow creek, capturing and launching numerous 4-plus-pound bass for our efforts. Now, as the sun gradually sank listed below the horizon and other anglers were packing up and stopping, we were just getting going. It was mid-July, temperature levels were warm, and most of all, there was no moon or wind forecasted for that evening. The stage was set for a night of amazing fishing for huge bass!

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How To Fish With Bucktail Jigs

Is the bucktail jig the most flexible and effective lure ever created? Lots of experienced saltwater fishermen would say so. A bucktail can be fished in a number of ways in differing conditions, from shore along with from boat. It can mimic a variety of prey items, including baitfish, squid and shrimp. And, it will catch a wide range of fish. Here in southern New England, I have actually landed striped bass, bluefish, hickory shad, false albacore, fluke, scup, black sea bass, sea robins and white perch using bucktail jigs. I doubt other lure can boast such a hit parade of success.

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