Boat Power Pole Reviews


They could charge twice as much and I would still have two on my boat. Everywhere I go I get asked “what are those things holding up on the back of your boat?” Well they are Power Poles, the next thing you are going to want to add to your rig.

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Types of Fishing Boat Engines



When selecting the suitable boat engine for your vessel, consider the size and weight of the boat and bear in mind that weight includes your guests, fuel and equipment. An excellent general rule is to come as close as possible to the maximum horsepower that your boat is ranked for. Continue reading “Types of Fishing Boat Engines”

How To Buy Used Boats


Purchase brand-new or buy used? That’s a tough require a boat purchaser, especially a first-timer. There’s no right or incorrect answer. It all depends on you: your tastes, your spending plan, your mechanical ability. What makes your smile wider? A mint condition brand-new prize or a bargain cleverly purchased and burnished? Some say the sweet spot is a used boat that is a couple of years old, bought from a dealer you trust, but you decide. Here are some guidelines from both sides. Continue reading “How To Buy Used Boats”